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Sad today

My sister called this morning to tell me that my brother had died. This wasn't unexpected as he had had a very bad stroke and many complications. No date on the funeral yet, but my Dad has misplaced his ID card which he will need to fly down for the funeral and there is no time to send off for a copy of his birth certificate (as required for this state). He might be able to use his military ID. I will have to call the DMV in the morning.


I just tried to change my email address with B & N on my B&N account. It is also where my NOOK is registered. So the customer service gal was being very helpful but finally said that they were not set up to change the email because your books are linked to your NOOK by your email address. That sounded strange since people must change their email addy quite often but... So she finally ended up canceling my account and setting up a new one with the new email address. Sigh. Then she sent me to the NOOK people. They said I should have seen them first then changed everything.

After wiping out everything on my NOOK (thankfully I had only bought 1 book, the rest was fan fiction and on my computer) we un-registered the device tried to register the NOOK with the new address. It said it was already registered and wouldn't go anywhere. After a lot of time on the phone, they are sending me out a new NOOK and I have to send them my old one back. However, I have to get it back to them within 14 days or they will charge me for it. Now, strangely it's not 14 days after I get the new one, but 14 days from today. If it gets here within their given time frame, 3-5 working days that won't be a problem. Lets just hope UPS doesn't have a problem.

Sigh. I just wanted to change my email address.


I have AC

It's been in the 90's here all weekend and Friday night my AC went out. Today was supposed to get to 100 and I assumed it would take some time to get someone out here. I called early this morning and by 12:30 my AC was fixed. Only $285.00, and most of that was for the part! Right now I am just very happy and cool.
Many thanks to Forcryinoutloud and Tarlanx for my Lemurs. They are so cute! You made my day.

Thank you, thank you.

Computer problems

I've been off line for 4 days due to a computer virus. GRRRR.
Finally got the computer back right before the repair place closed for the long weekend. And then I had to reload MSN. Sorry if I'm late responding to anyone.

SGA / Vorkosigan

I am listening to "Diplomatic Immunity" by Lois McMaster Bujold in which they are visiting Quaddie space. Quaddies are humans developed with arms instead of legs since they were made to live in zero G. I just had a flash of Rodney as a Quaddie and his 'talking with his hands' thing would drive everyone crazy.

Yeah! I have urls and addresses

MSN has given me back my email addresses and all my bookmarks. Now I just have to print them out in case this ever happens again. 

Happy, Happy, Happy

N&$^#$%#& Again

My computer has been in the shop Again. They had to reset it to factory standards, but they saved all my documents, photos and such. They credited me with what I had already paid, but that still puts my total payment at $120.00 just from trying to used N**ton.


 I’ve had to re-install my word processing programs, but not the games.  The only thing I am missing are the emails I had saved ‘on my computer’. Oh well, at least I can use my computer. However if I was supposed to send someone something, I have no back up on my MSN accounts.


Arrrg, I just realized that I’ve lost all my bookmarks as well! Arrrrg! I didn't make a back up copy of them.  Face-palm...

&^%^$%#%% Norton

I've been off line for 5 days.  I loaded Norton onto my computer and it caused a major "critical" error. I ended up with it in the shop for 4 days and just got back on line Friday night.  The repair shop said to use AVG. Sigh. At least BB gave me back my money for the program.

Atlantis fandom collides with RL

 You know you are Very into Atlantis when you go to the store, start to pick up a drink and put it down because it says it has citrus in it.

Sigh.  I did pick up the drink, Green Tea, but it was a weird moment.